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Equipment division

Sizing, selecting, pitting, stuffing, slicing, canning... We are very proud of our machines. We are equally proud of the people who design, develop and maintain them. Our team, like our state-of-art equipment, is unique. They design machines and develop production solutions. Our continued strategy of improving our production methods by introducing and developing new technology will enable us to sucessfully respond to our customers' increasing demands.

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Research and development:

The Research and Development Department reflects our company's commitment to improvement. We are continually creating and testing new machinery and ideas so that the best ones may be introduced into production. Thanks to this team, our techonology is on the cutting edge. We work not only to improve our products but we are eager to share our experience and help our customers optimise their olive production. All over the world, olive production means Sadrym.

Equipment: sizing, selecting, pitting, stuffing, slicing, canning...
Food. Equipment. Paglutine.
Olives, capers, pickled products. Quality is our main objective.
Highly specialized machinery for the table olive sector.
One of the greatest achievments in our company.