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Food division

Whether specialised or on a large scale, food production implies diverse processes in which machines always play an important role. By carefully selecting the best raw materials and monitoring production, our skilled technicians guarantee the quality of our final product.

The production of high quality goods is Sadrym's main priority, which has allowed Sadrym to obtain the ISO 9002 AENOR certification.

Biochemical laboratory:

In food production, quality control is essential, and our quality control procedures are extremely rigorous. The Biochemical Laboratory strives to guarantee the quality of our food products, and then to develop processes that will make the quality even better. Such dedication is always worth the effort.

Food: olives, capers, pickled products...
Food. Equipment. Paglutine.
Olives, capers, pickled products. Quality is our main objective.
Highly specialized machinery for the table olive sector.
One of the greatest achievments in our company.